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The Peace of Christ

Sr. Connie Boulch

Peace be with you!

These days of isolation and quarantine give us the opportunity to focus our lives more intensely on the high holy days of our Christian life. These days leading up to the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus are filled with a tension that we have not experienced before.

Some are living in fear for their families and even their own lives. As Christians we must unite our anxiety and uncertainty about the future with that of Jesus, with His Apostles, with all His followers and even His Mother. All that they had placed their hopes in seemed to be disappearing before their eyes. It was a very stress-filled time. Their lives were turned upside down and they were going to have to change. Nothing would be the same without Jesus.

The followers of Jesus were right. Nothing would be the same without Jesus and for us it is the same. Nothing is the same without Jesus. There will be no parish Mass, no big family gatherings, no Easter egg hunts or civic events. So, we turn these days to Jesus Himself to set things right, to bring life into proper perspective and to bring peace to our troubled minds and hearts.

At Christmas we hear that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. The Angels sang, “Peace on earth to men of good will.” Jesus said, “I bring a ‘Peace’ the world cannot give.” Now is the time for that ‘Peace’ to become a reality. As Christians we know that death is not the end. It was not for Jesus and it will not be for us. Jesus rose from the dead on Easter and we will rise also with Him on the last day. He promised. Do you believe it? If you do you will find that ‘Peace’ He spoke of.

He offers us this rose which symbolizes His Passion, His Death and His undying Love for us. He has taken our burdens and our fears to transform them into new life. Watch for the “Son rise” on Easter. Life is not the same for...

He is risen! He is truly risen!

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