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Vocations Director: Sr. Colette Marie

“Following Jesus Christ at the example of Saint Francis, they are held to do more and greater things in observing the precepts and counsels of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

 Rule and Life of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis

Every soul is called to greatness. As Franciscans we live this call to greatness by humbly imitating Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Through prayer, poverty, penance, community life, humility, and external apostolate we seek to do more and greater things for God. We welcome you to spend time learning more about our Franciscan way of life, rooted in the Eucharist.

If you are interested in making a visit, contact:

Sr. Colette Marie


Sr.Madonna and Sr.Lucy
Sr.Andrea and Sr.Sharon
Sr.Lucy always smiling
Sr. Madonna
Sr.Loretta and Sr.Lucy
Sr.Colette and Sr.Lucy
Sr M Clare
Sr.Colette Marie

"As Franciscans let us desire nothing else but the Savior who offered Himself."

Rule and Life of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Steps of Formation

Postulancy (6-12 months)

A time for prayer, study, work, community building, learning what Religious Life is about and an introduction to the Charism of the community.  The ceremony for entrance occurs during Morning or Evening Prayer.The Candidate is welcomed and receives a blessing from our Sister Servant and a Tau Cross. During this period the Postulant is free to leave at any time if she chooses.

Novitiate (2 years)

A time of preparation for becoming a Spouse of Christ. The Novice learns more about Prayer, the Church, Religious Life, the Vows, and our Community History by study and actually living and growing in virtue within the structure she aspires to live.  The first year is spent in prayer and study and the second year prepares the Novice for her future apostolic work.  The Novitiate begins with a private Community ceremony called Investiture.  At that time she is clothed in the brown habit, scapular and white knotted cincture of the Community, with a white veil. She also receives the Rule of St. Francis and our Constitutions which she is to study and begin to integrate into her life. A Mass of Thanksgiving follows soon after to allow friends and family to celebrate with the Novice and Community. During the Novitiate years the Novice is still free to leave at any time.

First or Temporary Vows (3-5 years)

The Novice publicly professes the simple vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience for a period of time during a Mass. The newly professed Sister again receives the Rule and Constitutions of the Community which she is now bound to live with fidelity, the black veil signifying her profession, a crucifix which she lovingly kisses as a sign of her acceptance to share in the Cross of her Spouse, Jesus Christ, and a crown of red and white roses which represent her commitment to live a life of heroic virtue and even blood martyrdom if called to it. She takes up the full commitment of the community's life at this time, but may still choose to depart from the community when her vows expire if she discerns that to be God's will.

Final Vows

The Sister publicly makes life long vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience at Mass. She is now a Spouse of Christ forever. The Sister receives a gold ring with the images of wheat, grapes, a chalice and host representing her marital commitment to Jesus Christ, truly present in the Holy Eucharist, and a reminder to her of His special care for her as His Bride. 

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